Saturday, November 12, 2016

ABC: File > New - Day 1

I think back to a time in my career where I progressed the most from a skill perspective. It was when I was doing a lot of projects for me, and no one else. These were projects where I could try new things and challenge myself. I take that time, and I think about the phrase "Always Be Coding." Developers hear it all of the time, but the reality is I haven't coded a project for myself in a long time.

I'm going to combine the efforts of "Always Be Coding" and merging that with rebuilding Broken Intellisense. There are many blogging platforms out there that are perhaps a bit more trendy than the Blogger framework, and the design of the blog is not something I've ever been fond of. It is time to rebuild this, with my own "features". I'm going to get myself to work on it every day, even if it is just for 15 minutes. I'm going to put posts on here as to what's going on. I hope you enjoy the documentation of this project.

Today is Day 1. I started up a new Website, have some inspiration for the structure and how I want to have the pages lay out. I have ideas for what new features I want, as well as what things I want to bring over from the Blogger platform. I took some inspiration from the blogs of Jeff Atwood and Julie Lerman.

I started on the front end. I'm not sure how my data model will look yet, so I figure if I can lay out all of those different pieces ahead of time, I'll be able to see what I need to have inside the data model. I am wondering if a NoSql solution is going to be the way to go. Why? I'm not sure what my data is going to be like. I want something that is going to be a bit more interactive and dynamic than my last system and NoSql will lend a hand in solving that. Plus my experience with NoSql is small, and it'd be a good chance for me to learn it.

I slapped together a layout for the homepage, got some stock images I can use a little bit later, but I expect the design to change as time goes on, so having something very generic is kind of nice. I am allowing the experts to be experts, and using bootstrap to avoid writing code that has already been written.

I've also started thinking about how I can migrate my old posts into the new solution.

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