Monday, September 13, 2021

Pragmatic Programmer : Your Journey to Mastery

I recently was in a meeting where I was reminded of the idea that exceptions should be used for exceptional cases. I thought it was in Pragmatic Programmer, but I've purchased and loaned this book out so many times that I could not find my copy. I talked to another developer about these exceptions, and mentioned the book. They genuinely seemed interested, and I wanted to revisit the book since I was overdue. So I bought the hard cover 20th anniversary edition, and it will not be loaned out. I rather buy one for someone than lose my copy again.

This has been the most beneficial book to my career. I've read it multiple times, and feel called out by it regularly. It refreshes me on keeping focus on my career, and being a better developer. Very quickly, you learn that it isn't just who knows the code the best being a valuable team member, but who can maintain the code, communicate, work together, solve problems and come up with long term strategies. There's minimal code in it, and they're more about strategies to solving the different challenges that come with development.

This is an excellent book, that I recommend for anyone with over a year of development experience. I've decided to make my own cheat notes to come back to from time to time as I read this book. I'm also happy to discuss any of these concepts and ideas. My notes can be found with the Pragmatic Programmer tag. 

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