Sunday, July 10, 2011

HTML5 and Css 3 : Chapter 1 - An Overview of HTML5 and CSS3

The heart of web development is HTML and CSS. You can chose other technologies, but in some way or another, you need HTML in your web site. renders tags such as as an HTML tag. This chapter goes into an introduction of changes to the markup.

Depricated tags such as font, u, frameset, and ul. In theory, a lot of these shouldn't have been used with the addition of CSS to our toolbelts. But they're gone, and they're going to be replaced. None are too surprising, but still we need to be aware that they're gone and not use them.

Hogan goes into a little bit of a warning that the specs on these technologies are not final, so we need to be aware that they may change. However, I don't think that'll be a problem with the target audience. Anyone implementing these technologies will monitor the spec and be prepared for changes. He also took a jab or two at Internet Explorer. IE has been known to not be up to par with other browsers of its era, and they've got the greatest market share, which means we have to prepare for them. Work arounds need to be in place so that our site is still usable for those on older browsers.

For a first chapter, I enjoyed this one. Too often in first chapters I find myself saying, "just go!" I didn't feel that way at all here. There was just the right amount of technical information as well as introduction to the technologies to keep the reader from becoming overwhelmed or losing their interest.

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