Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pro MVC 3 Framework - Chapter 2: Getting Ready

Remember how I said I don't really know too much about the server, and how things work on it? At work, I've always had a dedicated team to handle it. I've never head to worry about getting TFS set up from scratch, allowing others to hit a database on a server, or any sort of networking task. I just never have had to do it. When I do things on my local machine, I really don't need to do those things either.

Even things like getting my own machine set up I've struggled with in the past. But hey, everyone has weaknesses and I've gotten better with it. There are so many options in getting your SqlServer and VS installation, that one wrong option can waste hours of your time.

That's what this Chapter focused on. Getting your machine setup. These chapters are always painful but necessary. This book is 5 days old, and already the directions aren't 100% clear because of updates that were released. I did have to install SP1 for Visual Studio, and the MVC3 framework as I was only on 2. AS I write this out, the updates are going on. Not much else to talk about in this chapter.

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